A Gift Of Unconditional Love

Jesus paid it all. None of the sacrifices back then could ultimately forgive sins,all they did was delay the punishment. There was no Messiah  or perfect sacrifice till Jesus came. Paul says, “God presented Christ as a sacrifice for atonement-To demonstrate His righteousness-as to be justified as those who have faith in Jesus.” That is why Jesus and Paul says, “Died once and for all.” For past,present,and future sins.

By the way,this was not a new plan or something God came up with after Jesus. This had been planned from the very beginning.

If God had said, “I know that the blood of animals isn’t perfect,so it can’t perfectly cover your sins,but let’s just say it’s perfect,we ‘ll sweep it under the rug and it ‘ll be fine. I can do that.” But God couldn’t do that and and maintain His character.

Even though this is a simple story of the gospel,there are still lots of Christians  who believe that it’s by works and that by Grace it is earned.I believe so strongly that Jesus never says to earn this gift. It’s a gift received by faith and grace.

So,if we aren’t justified by works,where do they fit in? Jesus and Paul would say just because we justify you freely by Grace doesn’t mean you can live like you want. That’s a terrible idea. Works are important and critical to life of the disciple but they flow out of salvation in gratitude.

The Japanese belief in Kintsukuroi,a philosophy of things that are broken. For hundred of years,they take the dish that has been broken and instead of discarding it,they glue it back together with silver or gold dust highlighting the brokeness. Then it becomes useful again and now has a story. They celebrate the cracks and brokeness as part of the story of that object. In the same beautiful and perfect way, God’s grace works in us. We are going to stand before Him with cracks,in our hearts and our terrible sinful ways. Yet,He’s going to fill all of those cracks with a gold of grace. God accents your brokeness and makes you whole again. When we stand as trophies of God’s grace,we get to the point that all of the scars and wounds are put back together. Only people with brokeness are the beauty of His grace and depth of it. It’s the greatest gift you have been offered and has more to say than just rescuing you from sins.