How To Live Above Codependency

Dana Humphrey is a life coach, a PR consultant and an author. Life well lived by Omobola Stephen had a discussion with her on codependency issues and also on her projects.

Here are the excerpt:

LWL: I can see you are a lover of pets. Can you tell me more?

DH: I tell you a little story.I grew up in California. We had a dog named Winston and he was a little smoosh faced dog and I moved to San Diego,southern California……

LWL: I want you to tell me about your codependency struggles. How you over came it.

DH: I think at this point- In US,In North America,everyone is a little bit codependent these days. For me,it started with my parent-my family unit and just being raised in a codependent household…..

LWL: Does it mean if I choose to codepend,I have low self-worth it low self-worth?

DH: Of course, it’s like putting a mask on first. It’s filling your cup first. It’s realising you are number one for you. It’s comes from self love,self worth,self esteem. How can you put yourself first so that you would be overflowing…..

LWL: What are the signs of a codependency person and how can one overcome it?

DH:Judging something is good and bad can be another barrier to life.I think of myself of how I just walk around,I like to dance,Like whose eyes am I getting attention from?….

LWL: You launch a PR company for PET project in 2007. What’s your inspiration?

DH: Well,I was in a codependent relationship in San Diego and I was an employee working for a metropolis. My partner at the time was self-employed and he wanted me to start my first company…….

Dana’s discussion was an eye-opener for me. And I would want you to listen more to our conversation by clicking the link below and searchnfor E108: Overcoming codependency struggles with Dana Humphrey

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