Taking Back Ownership Of Your Life

I remembered some few years ago,while I was struggling with insecurities and low self-acceptance.That period was the most traumatic of my life. I was out of touch with the stark realities that were staring at my face. How I wished I had listened to my intuition. How I wished my emotions were controlled. How I wished I looked inwards to get all the answers I was ignorantly seeking for from the people in my life. I had missed so many opportunities. I had focused on the wrong things. I had expended my energy on needless activities. I had raised alot of expectations on people and how frustrated and resentful I was when those expectations were unmet.

A particular moment came and things changed for the better. I was convinced that it was because I decided to take responsibility for my life.

I want you to know that the journey to the actualisation wasn’t overnight. It was a process. I was hungry for change. I was desperate in reclaiming my true power and independence. I was tired of approval-seeking and poor self-worth. I knew deep within that I was made for more. I knew my capabilities. I knew my competencies. I knew I was a strong woman and very confident. But somehow,I had lost all these to others. I was living so empty.

Today,I’m living in total control of my life while taking responsibility for it.

I love to share some useful tips to help you by.

  • Things will never change till you make an effort. Inorderwords,take action for what’s necessary. (Besides,faith without work is dead). Also,heaven will always help those had taken a step forward.
  • Before you look within,first look around you. Take stock of your relationships,Networks,family,business and friends. How have you fared interms of sense of fulfilment? Now,I’m not saying you should neglect your family. Your family is always first. However, when success and fulfilment is necessary,you need to understand that,there are some baggages you need to offload inorder for your journey to be worthwhile. Call it whatever. I want you to know that you only need YOU when purpose and destiny fulfilment comes caling. When you need people,the universe knows how to direct them to you. Just know that it’s always about you.
  • Let go of any emotional baggages. We are all born with emotions. However,we are given power to control it. If you are an emotional basket case like me,it will be difficult to make an headway interms of being truly happy and knowing what you want out of life because your emotions will keep getting in the way when you need to take certain dramatic steps that will be important for your wellbeing.And the more you keep allowing your emotions have the upper ✋,the less setbacks you will experience. Inorderwords,be in control.
  • Begin to see yourself differently. This actions begin from your mindset/programing. Ask yourself, “Who am I? How do people see me? How do I want them to see me? What steps do I have to take to see results? Now,I know that in this side of eternity, perception is greater than reality. However,you need to be real with yourself. If you want people to see you differently,then you need to change the dynamics. It’s time for an overhaul of your identity. It’s time for reassessment and reevaluation. It’s time to ditch the old inorder for the new. It’s time to reinvent the wheel. Try something new. Connect wth value-driven Networks. Change the way you do things. Move away from the familiar. Stop being childish and petty.
  • Think bigger. Whatever you love to become in life begins from the mind. Do you aspire to be an international guest speaker? Then,you need to be hungry for it in so much that the universe will have no choice than to make it happen. You need to create a vivid picture of what you want to see or become inorder to live in the reality of it. It’s going to be a persistent adventure not an overnight thing. As you are doing so,you are creating a space for yourself in the realm of the spiritual and in a matter of time,you will begin to see results in your life.

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  1. Wow, I really liked your post! I could see by myself the power of transformation when you start taking responsibility! And I couldn’t agree more with your statements. I think it’s like a ladder, step by step, but when you truly believe and decide to change yourself, a new world of possibilities can be open for you! By the way, I’m starting a new project called The Nameless Project, just check it out if you want. The address is namelesssproject.wordpress.com

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