Why Rumination Is Not Healthy

When you find your self constantly thinking or focusing on a particular event or situation(especially sad or bad ones), you are ruminating. Rumination can lead to mental illness if not curbed. This is because the person who practice such tends to give her way or his way to other negative emotions such as worry,anxiety, fear,and resentment. These are energy-vampires and what they do is that they cause more harm than good to your health. Rumination slows you down,saps your energy and leave you powerless. It’s difficult to take the right decision when you are ruminating.

Now, let’s delve into rumination proper. Let’s look at the cows for example,they ruminate. That is they chew food(cud) slowly but persistently before it’s been swallowed. This is to give room for proper digestion. This example rings a bell. This is exactly the effect of rumination. It’s a slow,gradual process and the more you as a person focus slowly but gradually on a situation that is not pleasant,the more you are giving room for the actualisation of what you are pondering over. Take for example, someone irked you. Instead of approaching the person and expressing your feelings,you decide to shut down and repress the negative feelings till the feeling grows and it takes control of your total being,stirring up bitterness. And in some cases,an headache could occur. I don’t think this is a cool stuff to practice. I don’t think you would like to invest your energy on something unproductive.

Here are ways you can stop this negative emotion.

1. Be a positive person: I can’t overemphasize the need to be positive and to develop a positive outlook towards life and those in your life at all times. Being a positive person means that you do not allow negative stuffs bombard and overwhelm your mental space no matter what. You choose to be a peace-maker either by expressing your grievances towards those who hurt you or deliberately choosing to move on seeing the imperfection in man. It’s a wise decision afterall.

2. Stop and ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” When rumination is about to set in,you already know it’s consequences. Inorderwords,it would be wise to ignore it’s whisper and instead choose to pick on something to do at that time. You could decide to sing. Perhaps,remember a life-transforming podcast you listened to earlier and you decide to listen again. Just do something that would erode any negative emotion from taking center stage of your life.

3. Stay around positive people. Moreso,a positive environment.

Now,I’m not saying that the world is full of positive people alone. There are negative people too. You can tell when you find one. Learn to stay away from negative vibes. The energy that flows around you is important for your state of mind and your general wellbeing.

4. Trust your intuition.

Instead of listening to your head,why not choose to listen to your intuition. It’s your power house. Inorderwords, don’t let your emotions run you down. Be in charge and allow your Intuition take over. Listen to it’s direction which often times are the best ever. Your Intuition will never tell you to do negative stuffs. If you have learnt to employ your Intuition in your daily activities,you will find out that your emotions are totally under control and you wouldn’t have the need to focus on negative situations or events that are unproductive.

5. Lastly,learn to engage your mind.

Your mind is very powerful. The question is,are you conscious about it? If you have ever been in a situation where you find yourself ruminating over worrisome situations for sometime and you had begun to create unimaginable pictures in your mind that are unhealthy,you would know how the mind can help you achieve your goal or the flip side of it. Learn to engage your mind. Give it some work to do. Get up and get the project done. Visit your support groups /Networks and participate in productive activities. Call up your client and book an appointment. Check up your business and see how it’s faring. Does it need a revamping? Perhaps,some online engagements would do. I mean,your mind is always ready to do your bid. But be careful what you tell it to do. Ensure they are positive and worthwhile.