Maximizing Your Single Life

The other day,Omobola Stephen was with Renee Blackwell Edwards,a best-selling author, educator and a single life coach and they had a really interesting conversation on single life, relationships and marriage.

Here is an excerpt.

OS: Who is Renee Blackwell?

RE: Well,I’m a typical church girl. My father is a pastor,my grandfather was a pastor. I grew up in a church in my entire life. I’m a simple but complex person. I think that’s what alot of professional women tend to be. I’m an author and I wrote a story in a book called “Delayed but not denied.” and the name of my chapter was called “Can you hear me now?” I’ve been a special educationist teacher for about 18 years now. I love working with children but my passion has really moved more into writing and more into life coaching because I’m beginning to understand that I’ve been single my entire life but I understood that it’s time for us to begin to understand that what are we doing? What are we doing wrong? Why are we still failing? It seems sometimes in relationships,but we are been successful in business,at home….all these other things. I just feel that my life is turning into full cycle at this point. I wasn’t always this confident in sharing my story but at this point,I feel it’s part of my purpose.

OS: Why is relationship so important?

RE: I think it’s so important at this point in life because- Again alot of Professional women in there at this at this point especially christian professionals. We have been taught. We know the word of God. We know what God says about relationships,about marriage but it’s such a big walk before you get down the aisle of marriage and I’ve always been fascinated with love. I’m a romantic………..

Such a loaded conversation,I must tell you coming from a professional like Renee. If you love to hear more of the conversation,do kindly click on the link and search for E123:Maximizing your single life with Renee Edwards or simply reach out to Renee Blackwell Edwards on her SM pages if you want her coaching.

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