How To Handle Life’s Misgivings

Misgivings will always be part of life. Infact,if we are to handle them well,we would come to realise that it’s all part of God’s plan inorder to achieve something bigger and better for us. And this is why we must choose how we approach these situations. If we are going to either react or respond(which is a positive approach) to any situation life brings our way. However,choosing the latter is always the best approach.

It is also worthy of note that when these misgivings show up,we may have the power to control the events that play out and in some other instances,we may not be able to. Inorderwords,I recommend that we must not try to force situations. For,in,a matter of time,solutions will always emerge.

As I have said earlier,confronting these situations with a positive approcah is the best way you can overcome them in a matter of time.

Let’s briefly discuss the best possible approach when life’s misgivings rear its ugly head. All I will be listing down are positive attitudes but with different approach.

1. Ask questions: When you ask questions,you get answers no matter how you see it. The answers may not come directly but it’s certain that answers are always within reach. By looking within,your intuition can guide you to the right situation where your answers can be gotten.You can get answers from experiences happening to others,some events playing out in your immediate environment,or by merely speaking to a certified therapist or counselor. Sometimes,reading a motivational book,or podcasts could be the answer to that challenge you have. Blessings always comes in disguise so you need to be discerning enough.

2. Buy Time: What do I mean by this? I meant that time has never remained at a spot, it is always moving faster than we ever imagined. Even if the situation is overbearing,by getting involved in volunteering jobs within your environment,visit online sites and check for free online courses to engage your mind. I tell you,no knowledge is ever wasted. Don’t invest your time ruminating over what has happened or happening. If you can’t change them,you can choose to keep moving forward.

3. Avoid negative people: The situation infront of you is already a negative one(as perceived by you and others). So,why give room for negative people in your life? If you observe that you are constantly being fed with negative stuffs by those in your life,you can only do one thing; shift your gaze away from them and focus on how you will get out of the situation infront of you. You can’t afford to allow negative energies invade your space while you are seeking for a breakthrough. Only Positive People(OPP)are allowed.

4. Stop playing the victim: I have mentioned it earlier that it’s not your reaction to situations that matters rather, it’s your response. If you have told yourself that you are a victim,then,a victim you will remain till you decide to alter your belief system. You need to move past self-pity because it’s not healthy for you. It only aggravates the situation on ground and robs you of other opportunities that the universe has in store for you. Open up yourself to the universe. See the big picture. See yourself as a work-in-progress and never a victim.

5. Love yourself: One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to choose to love yourself inspite and despite. If you don’t,who will? If you learn to love yourself,you will be amazed at how the problems or challenges will gradually be leaving all by themselves. Those who have been sabotaging your true fulfilment and happiness will leave your life without you issuing a quit notice. Trust me, it’s no magic. It’s a principle of life. Loving yourself means a lot to the universe because it is only then that you can begin to attract positive stuffs into your life.

“Inorder to be free,we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain the old pain.”

– Mary Manin Morrissey