The Value In Serving Others With Your Potentials

Potential can never be attained if it has no opportunity to give. Ask me why and I will tell you.

John F. Kennedy,while he was about to be inaugurated to be the president of the United States said, “Ask not what your country can do for you ,but what you can do for your country.” His words focused on what we can give instead of what we can get. It is through our giving that we can discover what we can do and be. Releasing what you have received benefits you and others. Holding onto a treasure forfeits the blessing inherent in the treasure and no one profits from it. Like the seed,you must release what God has stored in you for the world. You do this by releasing seeds into the soil of the lives of others.

The truth is,God is constantly releasing seeds into the soil of your life. He is a giver and created you to be like him. The foundation of God’s giving nature is revealed in His purpose for creating men and women.

Now,think about the last time you bought a gift for someone,Much of the pleasure in giving the gift is found in choosing something which will delight the one to whom you are giving it. The gift’s meaning is found is found in the shared love of the giver and the recipient.

The potential innate in you and all that the universe brings your way is not intended to be hoarded rather you are meant to release it for the benefit of mankind. It is in releasing that you receive more. That’s the principle of life and it has been proven. Besides,you may not know the worth or value in a thing till you give it out or till it touches the hand of somebody else. Simply put,you cannot release the full potential of anything if you do not share it.

Work and effort that focuses on self are meaningless . It doesn’t matter what you accomplish,none of it will bring you satisfaction unless you give from what you have. Nor will your accumulated riches bring you happiness,for they are useless and meaningless if you don’t understand and seek to fulfill God’s purpose for giving them to you.