Your New Identity in God Comes With Responsibility

Have you ever been told to “Be on guard?” Sure! I have been told several times especially when I’m driving to an outskirt / suburb. Perhaps,when I’m at a large gathering either for a particular event or during a shopping spree. It’s easy to forget oneself and be carried away by what’s happening in our environment. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

When we are told to be on guard, it’s a caution. It is for us to be sensitive to what’s happening within us and outside us. If we apply caution in our daily activities,we would realise that making mistakes,falling into temptation, or commiting grave errors would not be said of us.We have an enemy who would love nothing more than to discourage us;cause us to doubt God’s love for us and distract us with lies about our identity. He deposits lies into our minds in hopes of causing us to question if what God has said is really true. We need to be wise to the schemes of Satan and do as the word of God says. “Put on the full armor of God.” Why? So that we can stand. But not just stand. We can stand firm! Standing firm requires a regular assessment of our armor. What is an armor? It is a metal covering formerly worn to protect the body in battle. It can also mean a person’s emotional,social or other defences. Simply put,It serves as a protection for the body.

You can ask the Holy spirit to show you where there might be weak points in your armor(a few of being the helmet of salvation which guards the mind, shield of faith which is a protective barrier against satanic’s schemes, belt of truth which guards our inmost being,and the breastplate of righteousness which guards us against anything that comes against the knowledge of God.)

Ask God to teach you how to be more alert to the ways the enemy maybe trying to come against your identity. It takes being alert and wielding prayer and the word as our weapons to truly guard our identity from the enemy. It takes guarding our heart,our soul,and our mind!