Why you must build a culture of courage

Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the commitment to overcome it. Courage doesn’t mean you are not afraid. It means you battle against your fear and confront it.Courage pushes you to resist the impulse to shy away from the things that stir up your innermost anxieties.

Courage is required and must be a constant. It’s tiny pieces of fear glued together.

Here are some helpful tips for building a culture of courage in your organization.

  • Set scary standards – Your level of excellence and expectation for your product or service or experience should almost be something that is nearly unattainable. Safe goals are set by safe leaders with safe visions .Give your people a goal that scares them and you will produce leaders who know what it means to overcome fear.
  • Allow room for failure – The road to success is many times put together through multiple failures. Allow for and even encourage your team to fail as they attempt to succeed.
  • Reward Innovation – Innovation requires taking risks. And bold risks create bold team members. Rewarding innovation will challenge your team to grow in their roles.
  • Pursue the right opportunities – Not every risk is a good one. Be disciplined. Aggressively pursue a few things which makes sense.Say no often
  • Learn to delegate – This is one of the most courageous things a leader can do. Entrusting others with important task requires letting go and relinquishing control. Liberally pass responsibility and authority to your team. If you want your team to be courageous,give them the chance to lead.