Learning To Rise Above Opposition

No matter what you do,you will always have critics. This is true because some people cannot bear to see others succeed.When you aren’t doing anything,you are not a problem for them; but when you start fulfilling your dreams and visions,you will attract attention. People don’t care about you until you start doing something big.

This opposition often occurs because your critics aren’t doing anything. Those who are working out their own dreams don’t need to be threatened by your accomplishments. They are too busy to be envious and too confident to worry how your success might affect them. Thus,you must be careful of those who are doing nothing with their potential. They will be your greatest critics.

Learn to expect their opposition and to rise above it. Refuse to get drawn into their petty quarrels or to allow their words and actions to influence you self-esteem or your behavior. Every dream you share has the potential to trigger envy, so be careful with whom you share your dreams.

Just stick with your goals/visions till you achieve it(them),and let those who are going nowhere go there without you. Others who are pursuing their purpose and maximizing them will understand your behavior,even if they can’t see your particular vision. Find them and enjoy their company ,for those who are going somewhere are more likely to support you in your journey. This is an essential factor in guarding your God-given abilities.