How To Be Fulfilled In Your Career And Business

As Rick Warren rightly puts, “Service starts in your mind.”

To be a great staff,boss or leader,it requires a mental shift,a change in your attitudes.” How does this happen? What are the beliefs that needs to be eroded? What are the strategies that needs to be implemented inorder for change to happen and to be truly happy and fulfilled even inngoir career or business? Research clearly shows that most people are doing what they really don’t like. So why the they still doing it? Are there no better options? Or simply put, “They are stuck.”

Omobola Stephen,the host of Life well lived,a self-development podcast was with Terry McDougall,an executive, career coach,best-selling author and a podcast host. And they had a worthwhile conversation on what it takes to build a career,have a happy one and developing the right mindset along.

Here is the excerpt:

OS: I want to meet you.

TM: As you mentioned,I’m an executive and career coach,a author,a wife and mother of 3 children ages 17-23. Before I got into coaching full time,I was a marketing executive in a financial service firm. I had a long career in the corporate world…

OS: Can we talk about Terry B.McDougall Coaching?

TM: Sure! I work with three(3) people in different scenarios. The first group are people I’d call successful but not satisfied. If you want to look at accomplishments on paper,you say, “Waoh! they got great job,great companies,high-level titles,making a lot of money but a lot of times,they are paying alot of high price for their success. I also work with people who are in job search. A lot of people I work with have not looked for a job for a longtime. Obviously,with what’s going on with covid,a lot of times,alot of people have been working for ten,twenty,or even thirty years for the same company or maybe they never really had to look for a job that people approach them.

The last group of people I work with are people that maybe they are in a role but they just feel like they are not sure they want to keep doing what they have been doing and alot of times,alot of people get this sort of feeling that I want to do something but…

“Play by the rules but be ferocious.” – Phil Knight.

OS: Talking about skills,what can you do for me interms of networking skills and also facilitating effective meetings?

TM: Well,first of all with networking, it’s a reciprocal activity meaning that especially people who are in job search ,they feel alot of akward about networking because they feel they are putting themselves in vulnerable positions…

“Insecure people are always worrying about everything. About how they appear to others. About how others feel about them. They fear exposure of their weaknesses and hide beneath layers of protective pride and pretensions.”- Rick Warren,Purpose-driven life.

So,the other thing you ask is how to run a success ful meeting. So,the most important thing about running a successful meeting is to be clear in your objectives. Ideally,there would be an agenda that would be put together before hand with the topics that are going to be covered with the people that are going to be addressing those things…

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”- Theodore Roosevelt

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