Maximizing Opportunities in life

I know that this topic is a familiar one to you. However,when we come to look at it,there are different angles to view it especially as it concerns the unique life experiences of various individuals. Life will always present to us experiences that are tailored made for us because that’s what we need for the fulfillment of our destiny .

When it comes to opportunities,I’d like you to know that the universe is gracious enough to present to us billions of them each second of the day. However,the onus is on you to be able to :

-Discern : Discernment is a spiritual activity. One which requires a deep connection with God inorder to be able to access the bounties of nature where others could not be able to see or perceive at that moment in time. You need more than your qualifications, connections/networks inorder to tap into the abundance of the universe. You need to be spiritually inclined.

– Positioning: What does this mean? It means being at the right place at the right time. With the right people/networks just in time. You need to mark the words,place and time. These are what makes the difference when it comes to positioning. For you to maximize opportunities, Positioning is very key. Suffice to say that,if you are not rightly positioned,you will miss out on opportunities. How sad! So,how does an individual be in the right place at the right time? By being extra sensitive. This is all you need. You need to develop your spiritual senses so that when these opportunities are within reach,you will know exactly where they are and how to connect.

– Be confidence: Confidence is a master in the game of self-actualization,self-fulfilment and success in any life’s endeavors. You may be unable to dine with the high and mighty if you haven’t build capacity or let’s say,confidence enough. You may not be able to access opportunities even when it’s staring at your face because of lack of confidence. How do you build confidence? First,it begins with your mindset/programming. You need to erode any negative and faulty mindsets in your life. Daily confession of positive affirmations goes along way. Being in the right environment,and with the right set of people(Those who have done incredibly well in their various endeavors,and who you are looking up to as role models) will definitely build your confidence. Taking calculated risk, engaging in productive vocations that you are not necessarily familiar with will help build your confidence level and also maturity.

If you have built this, it’s definitely easy for you to go after opportunities the universe brings your way without any fear or favor. You take a dive because you know you can cope or adapt to any storm that may arise in the midst of those opportunities. Definitely! Be ready to brace up for challenges in the midst of opportunities. This is what will qualify you for a bigger one in the future. As they say,no good thing comes easy.

– Take action: You want results ,then take action. It’s easier said than done you say. But this is the truth. Let’s take for example,you have a writing opportunity infront of you,what do you do? First,you need to be sure you are ready for it(built capacity interms of personal development). Be financially available. Of course, opportunities will not bring along everything you need. You will need to brace up for the extingencies that comes with achieving success with what’s infront of you. What if the writing opportunity demands that you will need to sign up with a certain amount of money inorder to enjoy the benefits,are you going to refuse it because you don’t have money? Well,you don’t need to do that. If truly,this is a life time opportunity,go ahead and source for funds. Just do it✓. Take the risk. At the end of the day,you can pay back when the benefits of your writing job are in sight. This is also applicable to other opportunities. Sometimes,you may need capital to be able to fully access the bounties in the opportunity, sometimes,you may need people to help you. Whatever you need,just know that,you can’t fold your hands and watch events play out themselves,you need to be a major actor. Inorderwords,fully participate.