Fulfilling purpose in life

As Rick Warren, best selling author of Purpose-driven life once said, “Without purpose,life is motion without meaning,activity without direction,and events without reason. Without a purpose,life is trivial,petty,and pointless.”

In an exclusive interview with Leanne Villani,a podcast host, enterpreneur and life coach,Omobola found out some life-changing answers to the question of why live a Purpose-driven life? Here’s the excerpt.

OS:Can my audience meet you?

LV: Of course! My name is Leanne. I’m from long island. USA N.Y. I’m a Podcaster ,a life coach A positive alignment life coach truly tapping into being the best version I can possibly be for the people I’ve been serving. I started with experts nothing fancy.truly being speaking with my message. I woke up one-day in college and BEYOUFULLMIND came to me. And I went to class again and I didn’t act on it. And it came to me again.beyoufullmind. I didn’t act on it. The 3rd time,I gat woken up out of the dream, BEYOUFULLMIND came to me. I just picked up the microphone and I couldn’t stop ever since. I did start 2 years ago…

OS: How can someone step into their God-given calling?

LV: I love that question. That’s the most beautiful question you can probably ask.I’m very intune with Jesus Christ .He does speak right through me and so inorder for you to step into your God-given calling, you really just ask yourself,inorder to be godly in this world,you have to have those godly characteristics and that is work. How do we stop? How do we step in? Cause life is lived inward not outward.You cannot see God out external factors not can you use money or material things to find your gifts. Most people in this world. All th gifts are inside of you just like when you have a Brand new chair,you have to build,you go to the owners manual before you start to build…

“The easiest way to discover the purpose of an invention is ask the creator of it.”- Rick Warren,Purpose driven-life.

OS: As an expert in your field,what professional insight can you share with someone transiting from a white-collar job to being an entrepreneur?

LV:I graduated from college four year degree. But, however,I always gonna teach the world. If you step outside of the status quo,go to school,get a good job,get a good education ,get your retirement and you are good and you are settled. Now,you start to think a little differently.People get concerned,you start to do things differently that is not in the status quo,people are concerned. You gat to fall back,fall back. There’s no fall,fall forward into life. My advice is,you always going to be a constant learner.If you want to take a risk, it’s not a risk, it’s a leap of faith. You are not going to loose. I want to go and try this way. A degree does not determine what your gifts not your purpose or not does it have to stop you from succeeding…

OS:Where do beliefs come from?

LV: Good question. It comes from something other than ourselves .I’ve not seen anyboy suffered not it’s my personal view. I’m not here to sell anybody anything nor to tell you what to believe in. The golden golden rule of life is the 3rd law of motion . For every action is equal in opposite reaction. So whatever you do unto others,they shall do unto you…If you thinking positive, what’s your intention?

OS: I want you to share your thoughts on negative and positive belief systems.

LV: I was sort of nasty really negative when I was a kid and I always wanted more soI had to tap into my subconscious thought process. So,inorder to be there,I had to reprogram my whole ideology and that just didn’t happen overnight…

OS: How can I develop a positive mindset?Do you have any strategy you want to provide?

LV: Honestly, these are one of the best questions I’ve ever heard on a podcast. I really appreciate because these are things alot of people miss. You see the strategy is consistency equals results . Results don’t lie. I’m saying things people have already heard but they don’t actually apply…

OS:Life is full of opportunities. How can you help me to figure out opportunities to seize inorder to live the life I want to live?

LV: Alright, that’s a good one. Like saying to myself,Okay, there’s always opportunity but I will stick to what everyone is doing or creating. You gonna do the work. What do you want to do? What do you like? So,you want to sit down. Let’s talk. Alright! What do you like to do in your spare time?If there was no money. If you ‘d just do something for fun everyday,what ‘d it look like? Let’s start from there…

OS: How about seizing the moment. What do you say to that?

LV:Seize every second. It’s not even the moment. People wait for this moment like some good happen,like some bad happen. That’s probably like… one of those seize the moment. Are you truly ceasing the moment? Seize every second because that’s something I’ve missed. When I was 21,I learnt this. My business is like taking off. Like really. Success tape is my podcast and I’m able to do what I can that look like consistency.

To seize the day is to act on every single thing you want to do. Not tomorrow,not the next day. Act on every single each you get.

OS: I have a dream,can you help me develop a plan inorder for my dream to come alive?

LV:Yeah! I can.You have to be willing to do the work and we can make anything happen. Break it down to manageable goals and realistic goals. You have to give accountability for your life.You ‘d get there.You have to leap forward into life and put your hand out cause someone like me is waiting for you. I’m here,I have the keys in my hand to help you. Are you going to take it to charge your car or you gonna allow every one else to have your key?

OS: As an entrepreneur, what’s your take on partnership or co-ownership of business?

LV: You gat to figure that out. My grandmother was a business owner and still. My whole family are a middle class. That’s their way of life, that’s great.You gat to figure that out. Everything you build can be something. I was a teacher from elementary all the way to high school and I was conformed. Now what do I do with that? Well, it’s still my passion. But I knew I was still going to teach the world. Entrepreneurship is just a title. But there’s an obligation. Being a leader is taking actionable steps everyday in a leadership,people want to look up to you. So anybody can be enterpreneur but money doesn’t.its just like,I’m trying to build financial freedom…

A.W Tozer said, “The reason why many are still troubled ,still seeking ,still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We are still trying to give orders,and interfering with God’s work within us.

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