Is This Truly The Life You want to live?

Leanne Villani,a life coach, and podcast host said, “Results don’t lie.” Succinctly put. This means that  life is all about results. Every effort put into something will automatically yield results either positive or negative. Sometimes,we may put in our very best into something and at the end, have no results to show for it. And on the flip side,we may have tangible results to show.

The truth is, the world we live in is driven by results. From the relationships you keep,the job you have,the family you are raising. We all want results for our efforts.And when the results don’t show up,we become so forlorn, dejected,and we want to  give up. Perhaps,try something else.

In all honesty,our lives must produce results. The people in our lives are looking forward to it. Infact, They have high expectations. And if they don’t see any,they lose hope and trust in us. This is what has driven most people to be living ‘a lie’, living based on perception and not on reality.

So,how do we match these two extremes: perception and reality? How can we actually tell if our lives is driven by reality or by perception?Results don’t lie. Absolutely! Our lifestyle, attitudes,and beliefs says it all.

In all of this,it would be wise to say that in trying to have a result-driven life,try as much as possible to be authentic. I know this may not sound cool. However, the best gift you can hand yourself and to those in your life is to be authentic or real or original. Infact,trying too hard to live far away from originality means sabotaging your true identity. Think about it. What would it cost you to be real? And what if your treasured relationships are broken because you tried as much as possible to be authentic? What ifs?

Now,this topic is subjective. But let’s be candid. If you do the right thing,results will show. If you do the wrong thing,results will show too.

It’s absolutely important for you to be careful how you live your life. Also,you need to be conscious of your beliefs, attitudes and lifestyles. While you are trying to show the world what you have been up to,or what you had done or what you are doing presently, Ask yourself this important question; Is this really what I’m supposed to be doing? Am I really doing the right thing? Is there any expected end? Is this really the result I want for my life or it’s just what I want the world to see? Would there be any sense of fulfilment at the long run? Take a deep breathe and exhale.