What It Takes To Succeed In Your enterpreneurship Journey

Eyvindur Karlsson is an Icelandic singer-songwriter,author,director,translator,and the host of of The Althemist Podcast. He’s been an entrepreneur for over fifteen(15) years and he was on Life well lived to share his wealth of profound experience with Omobola. Here is the excerpt:

OS: Who is Eyvindur Karlsson?

EK: That’s a big question. I’m a singer-songwriter as you said. I’ve written a lot of music…music that I’ve performed myself and released albums things like that. But I also write music and songs for theater and usually I perform in the shows that I write music for as well so I perform the music and in some cases,I’m also an actor in those shows.Right now,I’m in production…We actually,we are very fortunate ,we are one of the few theaters in the world that’s able to be owner right now which is great. So,yes,fantastic. We just opened again last Saturday. A show that I’m in which is an adaptation- A musical version of Pinochio that I wrote the music. I co-wrote the music for and I’m one of the actress in the show and performing the music. We won an award last year for the children’s show in the year and we are back now. So that’s fantastic. I’m very lucky…

OS: You are a serial enterpreneur. How are you able to manage all of this?

EK: Well sometimes,I haven’t. To be honest ,I’ve been known to bite more than I can chew. And a couple of years ago,I had breakdown…a burnout. I was doing way too many things and I had huge anxiety and there was a major problem but over the last few years,I’ve been managing my workload and prioritizing the things that I’ve been doing so I really like to just stop and think “Is this going to bring me joy,things that I’m doing right now?” Second,”Are they going to progress me closer to where I want to go?” So,I have long term and short term goals. And so, anything I do,I find I need to make sure I’m balancing my personal enjoyment of what ever I’m doing and whether it’s getting me closer to my goals…

OS: How can you help your clients identify their creative abilities and how can you help them turn their creativity into a business?

EK: The second one,I think is easier to answer.You know…I think everybody is creative in a way. But we get back to that. But,I think when it comes to turning your creativity in to a business,there are two(2) ways to approach monetizing your skills. I think first of all,it’s….you know you can say “What kind of problem can I solve?” And that’s a classic marketing approach. Find a paying point that somebody has,find a problem some body has and figure out what you can do to solve that…

OS: What’s the fondest memory you had as a comedian?

EK: There’s been so many but I think…I used to do standup comedy. I don’t do that anymore that’s too hard. But I always do some comedy into acting and into various things. And I think my favorite experience which has been an ongoing thing. I started this…well,I didn’t start but I was bought into this thing and I eventually bought this company which is called Follow me and we do free walking tours and that’s sort of a comedy tour so I meet people all over the world and take them down town history area of reykjavik ,the capital of Iceland. And I tell them about Iceland history and I tell them about historic buildings and all that’s stuff. And I get to tell alot of jokes and it’s a very funny tour and …I think that’s my favorite thing cause I get to meet all these people because it’s not just me standing on the stage talking ,it’s an interaction and people laugh alot and they are very happy…

OS:What are the challenges most budding enterpreneurs are facing in this era of pandemic and what solutions can you offer?

EK:Well.I think … it’s totally depend on your field . My business has been shut down now since March . Well,one of my sort of travel business and I don’t know… there’s nothing to do. We are just waiting . Fortunately,it’s a very small business and it doesn’t cost us anything to just wait. We can just focus on other things while we wait. But…I don’t know,80% or something of the tourism business just disappeared in iceland or all over the world but I’ve actually been in contact with alot of people in performimh arts. A lot of people are struggling ,alot of people are not . And I think that’s all about creative problem solving and that comes back to what I was talking about with experience. Your first priority,your first thought when it comes to your business needs to be, “What is my quarter cut product? Maybe you have an actual product,maybe you and your experience for the sake of simplicity or rather not what’s the product but what is that people are getting through my product?And it comes back to a core principle of marketing written in 1940’s An article named called Marketing Myopia. I forget the writer which is bad. But anyway,the product of the article is that the reason …that the railways company mostly went out of business when cars arrived at the scene and aeroplanes and buses and all that they thought of themselves as the railway company not as opposed to transport companies and same goes for oil companies that focus on oil instead of energy . I think that if you consider yourself stage performer as opposed to a generally performing artist,then,that is going to harm you. If you think , Alright,this is the experience,how can I now deliver that to people without actually being in the same room with them , that’s going to spark your creative process of solving that issue of getting yourself up there…

“The credibility belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

OS: Can you tell me about your podcast?

EK: My podcast is called The Artemist podcast. The Artemist is a clever player and words that I thought would be very funny but nobody gets it unless I explain it. But it’s an artist and an alchemist. It’s about turning art into gold and that’s the premise and I started it because I was kind of spinning my wheels a little bit as an artist when it comes to marketing. I didn’t really have the greatest grasp or a lot f things when it comes marketing art and so I thought I would start a podcast where I bring on people . Well,there are certain things I do know and I do episodes about that but then,I bring on people that I want to learn from. So ,I bring them on as guest and ask them about what they do. So,somebody who is really good with social media marketing ,I want to bring on and learn because that’s something I’m not good at. You know,I recently interviewed a guy who is great at networking which is not one of my strong suit. So, it’s me learning and hopefully listeners learning while I’m asking those questions that you want to ask…

OS: Can you share your songwriting and writing portfolio?

EK: Yes! Just go through what I’ve done? I started doing musical directions for theater I guess when I was 20years old. Waoh! 20years ago. And acting as well, I did alot of amateur theatre back then and I was doing alot of stuff at the same time. I was in acting, writing,in music and everything and so,I had a lot of trouble deciding on what I want to be when I grow up. I focus in writing and playing music for years…

Eyvindur’s insights on this topic is profound and very applicable for such a time as this.

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