Why Humility is not an act of weakness

How do you grow in humility? I know of two(2) ways: One is hard and the other one stinks. The first and hard one is to value humility so much that you develop a distaste for pride and start seeking it intentionally. Let’s talk a bit about pride.

To pride in oneself is not bad in itself. However,when you allow it take root  in your life in so much that it becomes a mindset and you find yourself comparing yourself with others and seeing yourself better than them because of what you have or what you had achieved in life,or matching your position or success in life by reason of your hardwork,and resilence alone without admitting the helping hand of God and the universe,then pride has taken a big toll on your life. It’s a red flag. Watch out! Resentments,envy, hatred,bitterness,vengeance could stem from those in your life when all they could see is pride. Hey! I’m not saying that people’s attitudes or opinions necessarily matter. I’m not saying that you should always live your life based on the affirmations,approval,or acceptance of those in your life. However,at one point or another,we all need to look inwards and reevaluate our lives interms of our relationships. It’s absolutely important.

Ask yourself this question, “What do I hope to achieve with all of this?” “Is this lifestyle moving me closer to a truly fulfilled life or the flip side of it?” “Am I actually drawing people closer or pushing them farther from my life?” If your actions or life style is causing others to sin or go down doing the wrong stuffs,then you need to watch out.

The second and stinky one is to be crushed by the world and end up humiliated that your pride is flattened. The better way is to value humility by seeking it intentionally and seeing what it can bring into your life. Now,let’s dig dip into humility a bit.

Humility is the active rejection of pride in all its forms and the active pursuit of the character of God. Humility is active. You have to turn your mind on to see those things . Ask yourself, “Where does pride exist in me?” If God is anything in word,humility has got to be on top of the list. There are many ways you can be intentional and seek humility. You can choose to bear someone else’s praise while you are being ignored. Many times,the opportunity arises and we want to protest and say, “Me! It’s because of me.” How about taking a chill pill and let some things fly. You can remain open to questioning when someone challenges you. You don’t have to be right all the time. You can also stop the comparisons inorder to feel better about yourself. Comparison will allow pride to thrust itself through soil and grow fruit. Don’t allow it.

“Humility is throwing oneself away in complete concentration on something or someone else.” – Madeleine L’Engle.

Grace reminds us of who we are in God. When we look at our lives and understand that everything is by His Grace,it changes our hearts and minds to radically approach the relationships in our life. We didn’t earn it,we were all at the bottom,yet God saved us.

“Have more humility. Remember, you don’t know the limits of your own abilities. Successful or not,if you keep pushing beyond yourself,you will enrich your own life and maybe even please a few strangers.” – A.L Kennedy