Prioritizing Your Self-Care

Self-care is the act of giving adequate and proper attention to yourself. This act encompasses all aspects of your life from your health, your physical appearance, your career,relationships/family/networks,and to your spiritual wellbeing. Self-care could mean you are being fair and considerate to yourself; you are accepting who you are and loving yourself for it. No holds barred!

Its okay if people call it ‘being selfish.’ Absolutely! They are right. You are choosing to focus on you just for once and leaving others out of the equation. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself,who will? Besides,you can’t give what you don’t have. It’s that simple. When you allow yourself to keep giving and giving to others without taking time to slow down and give to yourself,you will definitely break down someday having nothing to give and you will resent yourself for doing this. It’s okay to fight for your peace and serendipity. Others will learn to respect and honor you for this heroic move.

Prioritizing yourself care means that,you choose to make caring for yourself a priority. Making it a big deal.Bringing it on top of your to – do list.

Let’s quickly run through some of the keys areas you need to prioritize your self-care on.

1. Spiritual wellbeing. Your spiritual wellbeing is an aspect that shouldn’t be ignored.Infact your spirituality takes the lead in all of these aspects. If you can focus on your spiritual wellbeing,I guarantee you,that every other areas will be settled. Whatever spiritual practices you are deeply connected to, prayer, meditation,mindfulness,yoga,etc, it’s important to pay special attention to it(them)if they are serving a purpose in our lives. Making them a priority means we expect to see results when we practice them

2. Health. Your health is also an important aspect on your self-care list. I mean, it’s easy to want to be everything to everyone in your space. From being a wonderful mom or dad who’s there for the kids 24/7, to being a super employee who’s taking on the workloads at the office,to the pastor who needs to be there for their congregation each time they reach out for one need or the other. Sometimes,you feel like slowing down,but you are just worried about how they will feel or what they will say. But sometimes,you need to learn to set a barrier; exercising the No muscle when it’s necessary. It’s absolutely critical to your health and well-being. If your health fails,(God forbid it) ,life will go on,the people in your lives will move on. Take time to check in with the doctor or physician. Yearly full medical checkup is just perfect. Ensure you place high premium on your health. It’s a priceless possession.

2. Physical wellbeing. Some people naturally don’t believe in prioritizing your physical appearance.But it’s absolutely necessary and important to give attention to how you look. Your physical appearance says alot about your personality. People want to associate with someone who take care of their looks- dress- sense,and facial appearance. Take good care of it. Check with the dermatologist if you develop any skin problems. Connect with a wardrobe consultant,or body image consultant if necessary inorder to ensure you are just perfect.

3. Family/ Relationships/Networks. On this list,your family comes first. If you are single or married,it all matters. The truth is,when your relationship or networks fail you,your family will not. At least 1 out of 5 of your siblings will always come through for you when you need help. Making them a priority is also important and necessary for your sanity and peace of mind. I mean, it’s not easy to have peace when any of your family either siblings or your husband,or wife,or children fall sick or are in one danger or the other.

Let’s talk about your relationships and your networks. The quality of your life is determined by who you are sorrounded with. After your family,your relationships and networks comes next. Prioritizing them is also key. If you are convinced that you have the right people in your life,then, it’s important to focus on how you will build a worthwhile relationship with them. First,you need to consider the purpose each one of them is serving in your life or in your career,after this, look within to find out ways you can leverage on the opportunities that present themselves within the relationship or networks and maximize it. Show them you care by reaching out during birthdays,work anniversaries,new job appointments, wedding anniversaries,etc. Set out time for visits, set time for phone calls,or text messages. Send a mail if that’s okay. God brings people into our lives for a reason. The networks you have built within months and years in your professional journey is not an accident. If you take time to prioritize them in your bucket list,you will soon find out the value in having them around.

Whatever,aspects of self-care on your list,ensure you are giving the right attention where necessary and you will definitely see positive results.