Why You Should Give Your Body Health Some Nurture.

Assuming you are like most women,you probably want to improve something about your body. I have come up with some proven strategies for improving your lifestyle used by thousands of supremely healthy women. No matter what physical condition you are in,these ideas will make you feel better and look better. This is a lifestyle plan-not a diet. It will enhance your body image and give you more energy to live the life you really want. Everyone knows that eating nutritiously and exercising regularly is preventative maintenance,so let’s begin by looking at the obstacles holding us back.

What prevents us from making changes to our diet and fitness plan when we know those changes would help us live better and longer? Three primary reasons for this procrastination are:

Busyness: Anything that saves time and effort.

We eat fast food on the run instead of nutritious,home-cooked meals that take longer to prepare. We don’t make exercise a priority,so we can never find time for it. We prefer driving to walking and we take the elevator rather than using the stairs.

Denial– We blindly forge on,avoiding the obvious,knowing that we are out of shape and headed for health problems. Don’t even mention going for a routine check-up or mammogram-we haven’t got time and we don’t want to know if anything is wrong,even though statistics show that one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ruts-We are stuck in old habits. When we haven’t exercised in ten years,it takes a much greater effort to start. Complacency is subtle. It gradually sneaks up,and before we know it,we have succumbed to it’s deceptive charms.

Are you stuck in unhealthy routines? Making better lifestyle choices is all about motivation. You are more likely to be motivated when the doctor says, “Change or die.”

Good habits produce better results. On the flip side,the consequence of your bad habits can be heart-breaking. You may end up in poor health or working during the years that you planned for retirement. For some people, it’s even worse-destitute and broke,they end up requiring assistance to survive. To avoid these nasty scenarios, here’s what you can do:

List your bad Habits.

Write them down,you know what they are. Consider each area of your life-fitness, relationships, work,money,eating,driving, sleeping, communication, punctuality, following through on your promises.etc.

Assess the consequences.

Opposite your bad habits,write the long-term consequences if you continue this behavior

Think about the long-term consequences of your behavior,not the outcome tomorrow or next week.

Clarify your new habit and take action.

Defining better habit is easy. Just write down the opposite of your bad habit.

Along side your new habit,write three action steps that will turn this desired behavior into reality.

Finally,list all the positive benefits you will enjoy once your new habit is well established. In most cases,this takes thirty to ninety days. Getting up on time soon becomes automatic,and you won’t need an alarm . You will be more relaxed and can ease into the day,instead of being jolted into it. Reducing stress affects your long term health,and being on time for work shows your integrity. You will be thankful for making the adjustments.