Things To Give Up For More Fulfilling Life

Fulfilment in life goes beyond merely finding something to do and being happy about with it. To be fulfilled goes way beyond this. It has a deeper meaning; it is about purpose;it is about connecting with your core;being aligned with your true life’s mission.

If you are ready to experience a more rewarding and fulfilling life,then,you should also be ready to give up or let go of some things that are sabotaging your joy,peace of mind,and sense of fulfilment.

Let me quickly run through them.

1. Give up bad habits. Habits are either good or bad. Good habits can be waking up and praying/commanding your day with positive words. Telling the truth. Taking care of the home.Getting to work early. Practising kindness to people. etc. While bad habits are the flip side of this. Indeed,good habits are rewarding and gives inner Zen.

2. Give up wrong relationships/associations/networks. Your associations or relationships either add value to your life or not. If you are in the wrong relationships. You know what I mean. Relationships that are toxic; causing you more pain than joy; making you feel powerless,and not symbiotic or cohesive in nature,then, it’s absolutely difficult to experience a life of peace. You need to breathe.And you need to find all means possible to achieve or attain that experience even if it means disconnecting from wrong or bad influences in your life.

On ther hand,Also,if you are in the wrong networks,or associations,you may be way behind where you ought to be in life or in your career. If your associations aren’t moving you upward your professional,or career,or business ladder,then,you may need to let go of them. Find where you belong and thrive there.

3.Give up negative emotions. Worry,anxiety,bitterness, unnecessary anger,rebellion,rumination,regrets,vengeance,self-pity,hatred for others are very toxic in nature and could cause serious health problems in our body. Have you noticed that when you nurse these negative emotions for a long time,you begin to experience some form of uneasiness in your body . If not controlled,could lead to other health problems like chest pain, headaches,sleep apnea,hormonal imbalances,and even cancer. Yes! Cancer.This is why it is absolutely important to get rid of any toxic person in your life; someone who always make you experience these negative emotions. They are not meant to be in your life. Let them go and give yourself some peace and serendipity.

Pain will leave you when you let go- Jeremy Aldana

4. Give up your pasts. Your past remains your past. You are no longer there. You are here. Now. This present moment is all that counts for you.

If you are not progressing the way you ought to, why not look inwards and ask yourself, “What is keeping me stuck? Why am I always feeling trapped and frustrated?Am I holding onto the wrong thing? If you are still tied down to your past life.Maybe you find it hard to let go of some beautiful memories,always reliving each time the opportunity shows up.And then,you wished you were back to those memories,it would be difficult to move forward in life.

Inorderwords,it’s not possible to talk about the present or the future when you are with someone who is always referring to the past. No matter how hard you try to make them see reason that you are no longer in the past; or you no longer want to remember them,it would be a futile effort. Unless,the both of you have agreed consciously to live in the present so that you can be able to tap into the beautiful bounties the present or the future life has for you. Be smart to know when to cut this person or these people off if you are bent on seeing positive changes in your life.

5.Give up unhappy career/job.

If you are in a career or in a job which is not bringing you true satisfaction or peace of mind,then, it’s time to give it up. Your career should be what brings smiles to your face; it should be what aligns with your purpose in life and not just to pay the bills and give you an opportunity connect with successful people. Hey!I’m not saying success is not good or being with successful people is a bad idea. However,if where you are or what you are doing isn’t all fulfilling or measurable to your life’s mission, then,take a step back and reallign.

Do what you love. What you are truly passionate about. What you do seamlessly and effortlessly without struggle and then you are on your way to a life of ease, calm,peace,and joy.

Sometimes letting go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on- Erkhare Tolle