Omobola Stephen(CCSP,CTP) is the managing Consultant for Bluebuttons Communications Networks,an online media agency established in 2015 to cater for online media services from Writing services,online book publishing,SMO strategies,and online &digital marketing.

As a marketing and brand specialist, she helps business owners  achieve brand success  by engaging in – social media optimization strategies – online marketing and advertising – customer service management and relations.

She has a professional certification in customer service and telesales marketing and with her professional insights, have helped SME’s in her locality improve their customer service relations, had one-one discussions with managers and CEO’s on how to offer optimum customer service delivery to their clients and customers.
In addition,she has facilitated customer service training for customer service executives, frontline operations,frontdesks,and managers alike.


She is also the host of Life Well lived by Omobola Stephen. A self-development podcast (which is also one of her business brands) aired on major podcasts stations globally.

Omobola’s  interview style is professional and interesting. She exudes warmth, poise and suave in her disposition,and with a good dose of humor which leaves her guests thrilled.

When asked about her professional prowess as a show host,Omobola has this to say,  “I believe building personal capacity is it for me. It didn’t come easy but it was all worth the process.I haven’t given up on it because I can’t claim perfection.However, it’s something that I’ve come to embrace as I progress in my professional career.”

Omobola has featured amazing and internationally acclaimed personalities on her show such as Ron Duprat,Marek Zmyslowski,Lawrence Indiviglia, Charmaine Hammond,Terry Tucker (Motivational check.com), Paul Moore, Riana Milne,Terry McDougall,Purdeep Sangha,Emine Mehmet,Tracy Lamourie,Adrienne Fikes,Nate Wilkin,Anwar White and many others.

Her innate desire is to transform the mindset of her audience through her disruptive mindshift podcast. She believes that people’s mindset and belief system needs to be  challenged at one point or another during the course of their lifetime inorder to see the change or result they desire in life.

She is the author of Your life and relationships matter:20 Practical and proven ways to maximize your life and relationships which can be found on Amazon/ Kindle publishing.

In her leisure time, she loves reading leadership and motivational books, listening to soft music, personal development podcasts and, doing research work on all fields of endeavours.

Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and in the process,care for ourselves.

Diana,Princess of Wales

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