Give Change A Chance

Sometimes we rush headlong into change and it’s not always helpful. Thanks to technology,we live in a super-fast world of modems,emails,Internet,cell phones,and handheld organizers.This has it’s advantages. The downside is that when we want something, we want it instantly. Our pace of life is changing dramatically. Where has the patience and the ability to waitContinue reading “Give Change A Chance”

The Liberating Truth About Submission

My perspective on submission has grown as I have come to understand something of God’s purpose for authority. God intended that authority should be a means of providing spiritual covering and protection. When you tell your two-year old child he may not walk across the busy street outside your house by himself,you are not beingContinue reading “The Liberating Truth About Submission”

Believing The Lie

So the other day,I with my Godmother got talking about life especially as it concerns relationships and marriages. This was for me an eye-opener as she went on,”Deception is satan’ s greatest weapon in achieving his destructive purpose for marriage. If he can get husbands and wives to believe and act on his lies,he willContinue reading “Believing The Lie”

Being Happy Inspite.

Maintaining happiness is essentially a state of your mind. Why do we wait for tragedy,such as the loss of a loved one or serious illness to occur before we realize that happiness is about living now,appreciating every moment,every hour and everyday? It seems to be part of the human condition. Often we are blind toContinue reading “Being Happy Inspite.”