Are you a missing person

Are you ready to be authentic in your life,or do you want to play it safe hiding behind your self-imposed limitations? Are you redy to become more real than you ‘ve ever been? That means giving up the superficial games you play,games that keep the real you hidden. Everyone play this game but most people don’t know what they are.

Be fearlessly ORIGINAL

I know this is a widespread ailment. I have certainly worn a few masks that were tough to remove. But really let’s be sincere with ourselves. What has your acting, pretending,or playing charades achieved in your life? It’s time you strip any false images away.

*Warning: In the process of doing this,you may feel exposed, naked,and fearful. You may ask yourself, “What if i dont like what i see?”, worse even, “What if people don’t like what they see?” But does that really matter?

If it’s any comfort,most people will ultimately prefer and respect the real you. Those who don’t ,maybe those relationships are not in your best interest and should be terminated.

While an original is hard to find. It is easy to recognize- Anonymous

I believe that everyone is born with unique gifts and talents. Often these talents remain hidden. A big part of life is figuring out what your gifts are and how you are suposed to use them.When this hppens,you can expect a positive surge of energy like a butterfly shedding its cocoon and preparing to fly.

Many people feel a disparity between who they are and who they think they should be. This shows up in their behavior. They put on an act,trying to look like the person they imagine the world wants to see. This causes discomfort,a discomfort centered on this fraud. Often they think it’s about being better- better educated,better looking,better dressed, better spoken. But really its a form of self-rejection.

If you walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own- Anonymous

How do you perceive yourself? Are you showing up all the time or are you playing the illusion game? The illusion occurs because we think that no one else can see our pretence. Infact,most people can see right through our act. But because we are unaware of our games,we end up fooling ourselves.

Most of us are like walking billboards advertising their game. However,they are unconscious of the messagebeimg delivered. One may advertise, I’m a doormat,” but then can’t understand why others use and abuse her. Another advertises “I’m inferior,” and wonders why it is difficult to find friends.

No one bothers about originality will ever be original whereas if you simply try to tell the truth ,you will,nine times out of ten become ORIGINAL without having noticed it- C.S Lewis

The real you is the person you were born to be,complete with strenghts and weaknesses,talents,and frustrations, your funny little habits and the wisdom at your core. The real you is the person you were before the dramas and traumas of life changed you. Being your real self is all you ever need to be. Stop attempting to be someone you are not.

When rejection comes calling

So your boss called you suddenly and says your service is no longer needed at your workplace. Phew! your dude says he’s sick with the lovey-dovey thing and wants out.

ouch! it hurts badly.

There’s nothing to fear about rejection. It’s God’s protection and a nudge in a better direction.

Really,your response to the situation will determine what’s to happen next in your life. Most often times,when we are being turned down by the people we trust and rely upon, our first response is to feel we have been used all along and the next is to think they never liked us anyway. But sincerely, these people never meant any harm. if you are someone like me, my response will be It’s time to move on…

You cannot expect a change when you have not made the effort to step out of your comfort zone. Believe me, God will do anything just to make sure He moves you out of any system you may find yourself when the time is right.

Life is full of rejection. The key to success is using each ‘no’ as a fuel to keep you going ahead – Omobola Stephen

Have you ever stop to ask why that person who meant so much to you suddenly show you the door? Did you take time to decipher why it has to come at such a time in your life? It is when a man comes to the end of himself that he sees the beginning of God.

When the rejection start popping from every angle, know its a sign that you are about to enter a new phase of your life and you must do everything possible to welcome this phase and cease every moment there is.

The biggest hurdle is rejection. Be ready for it. The difference between succesful people and unsuccessful people is that succesful people do all the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do.

When 10 doors are slammed in your face, go to door number 11 enthusiastically with a smile on your face- John Paul De joria

For me, I have had a couple of No moments in my life right from when the year began.As a human, i felt low and hopeless. I could barely find any navigation and i began to feel depressed and vindictive. “Maybe i wasnt doing the right thing,why the sudden hatred from the people i believed in? I questioned one beautiful morning while in the shower.

But today, the reality is playing out by the day,everything is getting clearer to me. I no longer have to dislike any one of them for messing with my emotions. I have come to understand that I needed their disapproval for my next level in life.

Their disapproval made me realise my innate prowess which had been lurking within for years;it helped shaped my perception about people(actually a positive one). Better still, I am becoming more like what destiny purposed for me and not the other way round.

Closed doors ,rejection. They do not decide your fate. They simply redirect your course. You must keep moving because life detours can also be meaningful.- Dodinsky

Now when you get a ‘No’ from anyone, don’t you go critical,judgemental, or vindictive. see it as a redirection and not the end of the world.

A No is a redirection. Period!!!

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