What lessons have you learnt about life today?

God would always throw some stuffs at us,(which to some extent leaves us staggering)in order to keep us back on track. Life is too busy,and everyone is trying to keep up with the race but God will always find a means or way to remind us of how ephemeral life is,and most especially why we must chose to live life in the light of eternity.

So today,God has chose to teach me on Tolerance.

I came from a nuclear family,and I wonder how God chose to handle me over to a large family as my husband’s. I mean,I can’t seem to place my finger on how why I have to be surrounded by in-laws here,in-laws there. Too much to handle. I have fought over and over with my hubby on why I need to be alone with my immediate family,and not some large crowds out there. But my decision has never paid me well,I have been burdened with house chores,parenting,school runs,grocery shopping and the likes,my children has always played around the garden all by themselves and I could tell the look on their faces when I tell them, No play today. They,oftentimes ask me why I never brought an aunty to our home.

So today,I chose to accommodate people,I will be bringing in a little niece from my in-laws to play around with the kids.I hope they would love it

Don’t loose sight of God’s faithfulness

A songwriter,Tommy Walker once sang , “I have a Father,He calls me His own,He will never leave me,He knows my name.Oh!He knows my name,He knows my every thought,He sees each tears that falls,and He hears me when I call”

God has never been far away from you and I,He always meets our needs even though it doesn’t look like it.

Sometime ago,while I was coming out from a business luncheon in my neighbourhood,I saw a young man with a cute little boy strolling down the road,I couldn’t hide my smile,and they did same to me. The boy was feeding on flour,apparently,there was nothing at home to eat,so I reached down to my bag,and brought out a box of yoghurt(which I had bought for my kids). He chuckled,and collected it from me. I left them immediately to rush for some groceries 10km away from there.

So I got home,and something told me to give to the helpless and needy. I didn’t have to bargain with God. I decided to visit these family once again with some clothings,and cash.I had never done this before,so I was uncertain of what will happen. Eventually,the gifts were hapilly received from me,and I felt so at peace,and overjoyed because I had met a need.

While driving,I decided to take stock of my life,and I realised how I had taken most of God’s miracles as happenstance or perhaps coincidences. I had been ungrateful. From that moment,I had a radical change in my attitude towards life and I vowed to never lose sight of God’s faithfulness.

You might as well begin to appreciate God for the little things you have because,some don’t have any to boast of. Think about that!

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