On Resentment-Conecting The Dots

Resentment is an understatement of the pain and anger experienced whenever memories of infidelity,betrayal,or hurts caused by the people in our lives come to mind. Even after a reasonable time has passed for reconciliation, resentment often lingers. All might be forgiven,but forgetting may never happen. Resentment as an energy vampire, is insidious and directly affectsContinue reading “On Resentment-Conecting The Dots”

Why Your Word Is Your Bond

The great bonus about self-esteem is that we have the ability to work on it. The stronger our self-esteem,the more likely we are to attract healthy relationships. Now,an important building block for healthy self-esteem is integrity.This means matching who you are on the inside with who you are on the outside. Young children are oftenContinue reading “Why Your Word Is Your Bond”