Why Keeping Up With Changing A Man Seems Elusive

Perhaps you are thinking,if only my husband would change then I would be happy,or if only my boss would change his ways,then work would become bearable. For years I attempted to change my Dad. I thought if I could teach him to be more positive he would change his critical attitude. That way we weContinue reading “Why Keeping Up With Changing A Man Seems Elusive”

Reasons For Making Wrong Choices In Relationships

Instead of allowing the courstship period to be a period of building and nurturing friendship,commitment,and enduring qualities like godly character,virtue,integrity and compatibility,some couples indulge in premarital sex and sexual pleasures,forgetting that casual sex will result in a casual relationship.Strong emotions will not produce strong commitment.Just as compromise cannot produce total dedication in marriage. https://www.focusonthefamily.com/marriage/events/ Sin,especiallyContinue reading “Reasons For Making Wrong Choices In Relationships”