Reasons The Change You Desire Seems Elusive

Why do the change people long for in life seems far-fetched? Why do people struggle hard to attain the goals they set for themselves? How can the change they anticipate happen overnight? Life as it is often said isn’t to be feared but understood. There are reasons behind the frustrations and pent-up anger within youContinue reading “Reasons The Change You Desire Seems Elusive”

Reasons People Develop Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is simply about how much you appreciate and like yourself. Most people have remained stucked in life because of low self-esteem which often stems from upbringing. Our parents and loved ones unintentionally diminished our self-worth and self-value by their inflicting words and actions. As naive as we were back then,we didn’t really see anyContinue reading “Reasons People Develop Low Self-Esteem”