Seperate but Attached

People romanticize the idea of making their hapiness dependent on another human being that they cannot be happy without their presence. Your happiness is yours and is worth more than anyone else’s presence- Nitya Prakash The ability to extricate yourself from your family and to function as a seperate person has to do with howContinue reading “Seperate but Attached”

Keeping your Relationship on Track (2)

2. Recognize that you don’t have Control over your spouse’s will but you do have a great deal of Influence The second precondition to keep your marriage from derailing is recognizing the influence you have with your spouse. Maybe you don’t feel influential, but you are. There’s a well-known physics axiom that states “For everyContinue reading “Keeping your Relationship on Track (2)”

Keeping your Relationship on Track ( 1)

Your marriage depends on how willing you are to do what you need to do to be accountable for your thoughts and and actions. When trouble erupts,many couples go to therapy. Good step! But that’s not all,Here is one out of the three key preconditions to keep your marriage from derailing. Keep in touch forContinue reading “Keeping your Relationship on Track ( 1)”

Good Habits

The results of every bad habits doesn’t always show up until much later in life. These results I call them consequences. I have discovered that if we keep on making bad choices about our finances,health,or money,etc, the consequences probably won’t occur immediately.It takes time for cholesterol to build to the point where it causes aContinue reading “Good Habits”