The “No” Muscle

Exercising your “No” muscle may be all you need when you want to preserve healthy boundaries. I’ve been flexing my No muscle for several years now and have almost mastered it. Although my need to feel useful sometimes gets in the way and a Yes slips out.However,most of the time,I’m dynamite at saying No. It’sContinue reading “The “No” Muscle”

Your Personal life

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are-Roy E .Disney Stephanie screamed as she got down from the car. “You know what,am sick and tired of this whole maddening situation.How can my mom hold me responsible for her misfortune? I mean,I can’t get it. Did anyone told her am theContinue reading “Your Personal life”


Making changes provides an opportunity to dramatically better our lives. We can improve our health,relationships,career,income, level of hapiness and our hope for a more optimistic future.Making changes requires a conviction that we are making the right choices. Really there are some barriers that will stop you from moving forward. The first step is to becomeContinue reading “Change”

How about Roles and Responsibilities

Many people define themselves by the work they do or the role they play in the family. ” I’m a teacher/doctor/computer programmer/ mother/ wife/ widow. ” All of these fall short of describing the multifaceted dimensions that make them complete human beings. Most people talk about what they do or who they serve but theyContinue reading “How about Roles and Responsibilities”