How To Confirm Your Choice of Marriage Partner

Evaluating your relationship based on compatibility alone is neither conclusive,nor a perfect means of confirming how your relationship stands before God. A relationship between two people is rarely sustained by itself. Rather, it needs the approval of certain objective institutions, both internal and external,to examine and manifest it’s full potential. In choosing a marriage partner,youContinue reading “How To Confirm Your Choice of Marriage Partner”

Handling The Deceptive Comfort Of Past Misgivings

Most people would rather live with old problems than new solutions. We would rather be comfortable than be correct; or rather stay in a routine than make changes. Until we are familiar with stepping out of our comfort zones,we cannot get any better.Roots of rejection must not be suppressed,solutions can only be found when youContinue reading “Handling The Deceptive Comfort Of Past Misgivings”