Understanding Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication In Your Relationships

It’s not enough to say something,how it’s been said and how it finally comes across is equally important and to be considered too. Communication isn’t complete till the other person perceives and understands the message.This is why much effort should go into communication.There’s need for the other person to hear and understand you,and for youContinue reading “Understanding Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication In Your Relationships”

Making Lifestyle Changes

Mae West once said, “You only live once but if you do it right once is enough” Not until recently that these words began to make real sense to me. For some weeks now,I have been checking in with the doctor’s back to back.Not because my health was failing.Not at all. The truth is,I deliberatelyContinue reading “Making Lifestyle Changes”

The Barriers That Keep You Stuck In Life

Making changes provides an opportunity to dramatically better our lives. We can improve our health,relationships,career,income,level of happiness and our hopes for a more optimistic future. Making changes requires a conviction that we are making the right choices. Now,there are five(5) barriers that will stop you from moving forward.The first step is to become aware ofContinue reading “The Barriers That Keep You Stuck In Life”

Ways You Can Lay Hold On Your Heart Desires

1. Look Inwards For Direction Taking time to look inwards provides anwers to most of the issues that bothers you. You may not believe this, but its an undeniable truth. Trying hard to search for clues from your sorrounding environment on how you can have a breakthrough in life can be daunting and unreliable.This isContinue reading “Ways You Can Lay Hold On Your Heart Desires”