6 Marital Hot Spots You Need To Improve Upon.

Now let’s get more specific. What are the marital hot spots that gender affects? Let’s start with the lists below,answering each of the questions. Self-esteem Do you make jokes about the opposite sex? Are they a put-down of men and women?Do you allow demeaning gender statements to come out of your mouth or laugh atContinue reading “6 Marital Hot Spots You Need To Improve Upon.”

How To Balance Seperation And Attachment In Marriage

Your ability to extricate yourself from your family system and to function as a seperate person has to do with how well your parents did this. If parents balanced the closeness/seperate scale,you will learn to do the same. If on the other hand,your parents were unable to define themselves,highly reactive to one another,or emotionally detached,youContinue reading “How To Balance Seperation And Attachment In Marriage”