Live a life truly driven by purpose. Disrupt your negative and faulty belief systems. Live an authentic life and be the real person you were truly meant to be

Omobola Stephen.

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E135: Mindset & belief System Shift Life Well Lived.

How do we develop a mindset? It's developed right from childhood.This is where everything begins. As children,we are conditioned to act or behave in some certain ways which often times aren't right. We grow up with this conditioning and it becomes a mindset and it ultimately becomes a part of us. The question is,how healthy is your mindset? Have you taken time to question or challenge it at one point or the other or do you just simply accept that every thing is fine? Your mindset is critical to your successes in life. Listen to Omobola Stephen as she shares her expertise on mindset with host Tamara Williams. Tune in.
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