Press The Reset Button-Begin Life Afresh

Mulling over the past and its misgivings does not lead anywhere but towards a downward slope. Recently,I realised that that there is always a part for us to play when it comes to our life’s fulfilment. When destiny comes calling,it is not the time to begin asking for help,rather it’s time to take action.Take chargeContinue reading “Press The Reset Button-Begin Life Afresh”

How To Improve Your Self-Talk

What are you telling yourself? When you make a mistake,do you view it as just that,a mistake? Learn from it and make a point not to repeat it? Or do you begin to belittle yourself with a stream of negative self-talk? Do you recognize,as Billy Joel wrote in one of his songs, “You ‘re onlyContinue reading “How To Improve Your Self-Talk”