Reasons For Making Wrong Choices In Relationships

Instead of allowing the courstship period to be a period of building and nurturing friendship,commitment,and enduring qualities like godly character,virtue,integrity and compatibility,some couples indulge in premarital sex and sexual pleasures,forgetting that casual sex will result in a casual relationship.Strong emotions will not produce strong commitment.Just as compromise cannot produce total dedication in marriage. Sin,especiallyContinue reading “Reasons For Making Wrong Choices In Relationships”

Why Setting Boundaries Is Healthy For You

Boundary situations show up at home,in the office,with friends,and extended family and within each of us. One of the biggest benefits of setting boundaries is learning how to say no,particularly to other people who use up your time. hinders you from overcommiting,which keeps you free to focus on what you value most.As you become moreContinue reading “Why Setting Boundaries Is Healthy For You”