Focus On Your Own Ideal Of A Healthy Body Image

When it comes to body image,millions of women have lost their minds. This problem seems to be getting worse. Majority of women blame the mirror for the image they see. So what? What is the obsession with image? Of course,we want to look our best and stay youthful,firm,and healthy as long as we can. AndContinue reading “Focus On Your Own Ideal Of A Healthy Body Image”

The Miracle Of Drinking Water

As outrageous as it seems, drinking water may be the single most important catalyst in shedding weight, and increasing energy and preventing certain diseases.If we think of this logically,it makes sense because more than 70percent of our body is comprised of water. Depending on the study,it is believed that more than 70 percent of ourContinue reading “The Miracle Of Drinking Water”