To The One Who Fathered You

Anyone can father a child, but being a dad takes a lifetime. Fathers play a role in every child’s life that cannot be filled by others. This role can have a large impact on a child and help shape him or her into the person they become. Fathers and Emotional Development Fathers, like mothers, areContinue reading “To The One Who Fathered You”

Your Words Are Shaping Your World

“Now don’t you go getting any ideas,Tom; Don’t you get any ideas either,Terry; Don’t you two get any ideas.” The young mother’s words to her small children echoed in my head for several days. While I realized she was probably warning them not to do something against her wishes or something that could harm them.Continue reading “Your Words Are Shaping Your World”

How well do you know your children

Sometimes ago,I realized my first son was no longer the outgoing boy he used to be. Victor was a fun loving, Inquisitive and witty.Now,he has become withdrawn and seldom play around with his younger ones. I never asked him anything.To me, it was part of growing up. “He needed a space.” HbAs time went on,itContinue reading “How well do you know your children”