Questions To Ask About Marriage

COMMITMENT Each person has some level of commitment to certain things or people they consider important or special. Without commitment,it is almost imgivingpossible to make a relationship work. However,to be committed to a wrong thing or person may lead to bitter regrets. Your primary commitment should be to God because He created you and knowsContinue reading “Questions To Ask About Marriage”

It’s Up To You

Everything you have ever wanted in life takes effort. Fulfilling your dreams,enriching your family life,healing relationships,and so on. Inorderwords,you may need to give up the illusion that life should be comfortable. Finance and Investment author,Charles B.Carlson once said, “You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.The truth is,life is difficult. ToContinue reading “It’s Up To You”

Its time to focus right:Never give Up

Many wives go to extraordinary lengths to win or to keep the love of husbands who do not respond to them in love. Just as often as it is with some women who has had their hopes dashed to the ground or deferred. It is tough to live in a relationship without deep mutual,committed love.Continue reading “Its time to focus right:Never give Up”