A Little Act Of Kindness Will Do

Here’s a very inspiring story shared by a friend of mine: A young lady with her friend were on a visit to the mall for some shopping.While they were at it,she excused herself to check on someone at the car park. On approaching the exit door,she was greeted by a little poor fulani girl dressedContinue reading “A Little Act Of Kindness Will Do”

The 5 Lessons On Courage

When Your Convictions are expressed,Your Courage Will be Put To Test. Each time you are willing to stand up for something,someone else will be willing to take a shot at you.People who express their convictions and attempt to live them out will experience conflict from others with opposing views. https://woocommerce.com/?aff=21927&cid=4801948 Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote,”Whatever youContinue reading “The 5 Lessons On Courage”