10 Of My Favorite Feelings Will Actually Do

A huge appreciation to Xandria for coming up with this awesome idea for a tag and Pooja for continuing the chain.Shout out to SANIYAhttp://www.s4niy4.wordpress.com for nominating me. You can visit her blog to catch up with amazing and life-changing blog contents.For me,this is good fun.To be able to connect back to my feelings both old and new is a greatContinue reading “10 Of My Favorite Feelings Will Actually Do”

The Importance Of Open Communication In Relationships

Problems often arise in relationships when issues that are of great concern to the wellbeing of such relationship is not thoroughly considered,evaluated and reevaluated as the case may be. Problems with communication includes: What are my Speech Patterns,Thoughts,and Actions like? Are you someone who is eloquent in speech or able to process thoughts accurately? AreContinue reading “The Importance Of Open Communication In Relationships”