It’s Happening Now

American psychologist,Tara Brach once said, “What I have found overtime is that the more I can recognize what is happening in the present moment and simply open and allow the experience without judgement,the more I come back home” Life unfolds in the present. But so often,we let the present slip away allowing time to rushContinue reading “It’s Happening Now”

Steps To Take To Be In Charge Of Your Vision

Helen Keller was asked, “What is like to be unable to see?” She responded, “To have a sight without vision.” It beats me flat when I realize just how many people have no taken the time to think about what they want their lives to be in five or ten years from now. Most peopleContinue reading “Steps To Take To Be In Charge Of Your Vision”

Questions To Ask Before Marriage

BACKGROUND Marriage involves the fusion of individuals and families.Knowledge of the background of an individual,as well as the level of influence his or her environment has had on his or her perception of life is important when planning marriage.These issues,if not handled properly before marriage,could be the source of unnecessary argument and discord. Some ofContinue reading “Questions To Ask Before Marriage”

Where Are You Channelling Your Energy?

Trying your best to completely free your heart from any feeling,emotion,or sentiment that you may be holding onto from the past,present,and future is key to unlocking positive energy into your lives so that you can grow. Your spiritual energy need to breathe and move freely inside of you so holding on to moments and thinkingContinue reading “Where Are You Channelling Your Energy?”