CardioVascular Training

Cardiovascular activity is the key to building a strong heart and healthy lungs. Typically this activity is aerobic(aerobic means “with oxygen”) Aerobic activity includes a jog without stopping,a power walk,a high- impact aerobic class and swimming laps without stopping. Cardiovascular activity can also be a mix of aerobic and anaerobic(circuit training with weights and stationeryContinue reading “CardioVascular Training”

7 Tips On Improving Your Health

Add Fiber To Your Diet I am sure you have heard about adding fiber to your diet. However,eating foods that are full of fiber will help you shed weight quicker,reduce food craving,balance your mood swings and increase your energy while significantly reducing the risk of diabetes. Would you rather fill up on a high cholesterolContinue reading “7 Tips On Improving Your Health”

Questions To Ask Before Marriage

BACKGROUND Marriage involves the fusion of individuals and families.Knowledge of the background of an individual,as well as the level of influence his or her environment has had on his or her perception of life is important when planning marriage.These issues,if not handled properly before marriage,could be the source of unnecessary argument and discord. Some ofContinue reading “Questions To Ask Before Marriage”

Establishing A Healthy Lifestyle

Our entire society is on overdrive. People are rushing through their lives as though the goal was to get to the end,all the while,missing the joy along the way. Happiness is a journey,not a destination. To have a full and rewarding life,we need to learn to enjoy every moment of it,not live for some farContinue reading “Establishing A Healthy Lifestyle”