On Resentment-Conecting The Dots

Resentment is an understatement of the pain and anger experienced whenever memories of infidelity,betrayal,or hurts caused by the people in our lives come to mind. Even after a reasonable time has passed for reconciliation, resentment often lingers. All might be forgiven,but forgetting may never happen. Resentment as an energy vampire, is insidious and directly affectsContinue reading “On Resentment-Conecting The Dots”

Forgiveness is all that matters

The conscious desire to forgive those who hurt us is followed by an act of will. That reminds me of the statement, When there is a will,there is a way. Sometimes forgiving others may require some level of humility on our part,burying our ego and putting away our reasons. It is an exercise in compassion.Continue reading “Forgiveness is all that matters”