Living In Your Present Moment Is Truly Rewarding.

What I have found overtime is that the more I can recognize what is happening in the present moment and simply open and allow the experience without judgement,the more I come back home. Psychologist&Buddhist,Tara Brach Life unfolds in the present or now moment. But so often,we let the present slip away allowing time to rushContinue reading “Living In Your Present Moment Is Truly Rewarding.”

Cultivate and Feed Your Soul

What goes into your mind always influences what comes out. If your children watch disrespectful,smart-mouthed kids on television, they will learn to talk and act the same way. Infact,they won’t even know that they are being disrespectful because their values and wisdom will have been skewed by the things they saw and read. Be carefulContinue reading “Cultivate and Feed Your Soul”