The Essence of Relationships

If you are looking forward to having a relationship which brings fulfillment, you will need to change your mindset when it comes to dealing with others. Here are some ways you can do that: Learn to understand people Many people care about others,but they still remain out of touch. In those cases,I think the problemContinue reading “The Essence of Relationships”

How To Understand Your True Identity

One of the areas that is particularly impacted by our view of God is our view of ourselves. If we do not see Him as He really is-if we believe things about Him that are not true- invariably,we will have a distorted view of ourselves. If we have believed lies about God, we will alsoContinue reading “How To Understand Your True Identity”

Tips On How To Get Real

One good way of unravelling who you are is finding out who you are not. It’s time to be real. Putting on a mask and ensuring it becomes glued will only make you lose sight of who you really are. The mask becomes a comfortable substitute. Masks prevent you from sharing the most valuable giftContinue reading “Tips On How To Get Real”

It’s Your Personal Responsibility

I have discovered that being responsible generates self-esteem. This world needs more participants and not more passengers. Active responsible people get things done. They are not dependent on society to look after them nor do they expect handouts. Here’s a big question: Consider it carefully and be honest; Are you just hoping it will allContinue reading “It’s Your Personal Responsibility”