Handling Non-Verbal And Verbal Communication In Relationships

How does your intended spouse communicate? It is important that you study his or her mode of communication. Non-Verbal Communication What he says or do not say is a form communication. This may sound strange to you,but silence is a form of communication. When people decide not to speak to each other,they are not communicatingContinue reading “Handling Non-Verbal And Verbal Communication In Relationships”

The Importance Of Open Communication In Relationships

Problems often arise in relationships when issues that are of great concern to the wellbeing of such relationship is not thoroughly considered,evaluated and reevaluated as the case may be. Problems with communication includes: What are my Speech Patterns,Thoughts,and Actions like? Are you someone who is eloquent in speech or able to process thoughts accurately? AreContinue reading “The Importance Of Open Communication In Relationships”