It’s Happening Now

American psychologist,Tara Brach once said, “What I have found overtime is that the more I can recognize what is happening in the present moment and simply open and allow the experience without judgement,the more I come back home” Life unfolds in the present. But so often,we let the present slip away allowing time to rushContinue reading “It’s Happening Now”

How You Can Transform Your Life Through Your Belief

Beliefs are one of my favorite subjects. If there is one thing that keeps most people from having everything they want in their lives,it is what they belief about themseves,their abilities,and the world in which they live. Everything that you do in your life and everything you have accomplished or will ever accomplish is directlyContinue reading “How You Can Transform Your Life Through Your Belief”

5 Ways To Activate Your Destiny

Let Go Of The Past The Past will always be the past and there is absolutely anything you and I can do about it except to accept the reality and move on. Besides,if there wasn’t any past,we would not be talking about the future,or better still,the present will not make sense in any way. NowContinue reading “5 Ways To Activate Your Destiny”

Questions To Ask Before Marriage

BACKGROUND Marriage involves the fusion of individuals and families.Knowledge of the background of an individual,as well as the level of influence his or her environment has had on his or her perception of life is important when planning marriage.These issues,if not handled properly before marriage,could be the source of unnecessary argument and discord. Some ofContinue reading “Questions To Ask Before Marriage”