Getting Rid Of Illusions As A Perfectionist.

Perfectionism is rampant today. No wonder so many career-driven people are unhappy. On the outside they appear to have it all – success,great lifestyle,fabulous looks.However,on the inside it’s a different story. In many cases they feel desperate,frustrated and unhappy. Peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction elude them. Striving to be perfect all theContinue reading “Getting Rid Of Illusions As A Perfectionist.”

5 Unhealthy Shades Of Perfectionism

Life is a constant battle between the negative forces that hold us back and the positive energy that provides us with fulfilment and peace of mind.The negative forces tend to become a burden in our lives and hinders us from becoming the best of who we can be. Perfectionism is one negative burden that has(inContinue reading “5 Unhealthy Shades Of Perfectionism”