Born for Something

Each one of us is born with a unique talent and our function in life is to express it.You were born for something. What is it?Are you born to rule? Born to create? Born to bring people together?Born to talk? Born to lead? Or perhaps born to write just like me?Really,this is where your callingContinue reading “Born for Something”

Where Are You Based? since I came to know about the health benefits of Avocado pear,It became my favorite. I loved the fruit in so much that I thought of having it in my garden. A particular day,I had reached out for four avocado seeds in the fruits baskets in my kitchen and decided to plant it. AtContinue reading “Where Are You Based?”

Be fearless… Achieve!

I grumbled that I had no shoes not until I met a man without a feet. Hmm! Introspective. Few days ago,I had a really amazing dream. You know what! I had a personal encounter and discussion with God. Sound Incredible but its so true. He actually asked me What are you doing with the GloryContinue reading “Be fearless… Achieve!”