On Resentment-Conecting The Dots

Resentment is an understatement of the pain and anger experienced whenever memories of infidelity,betrayal,or hurts caused by the people in our lives come to mind. Even after a reasonable time has passed for reconciliation, resentment often lingers. All might be forgiven,but forgetting may never happen. Resentment as an energy vampire, is insidious and directly affectsContinue reading “On Resentment-Conecting The Dots”

Avoiding Disagreements 2

Do not be insensitive The disapproval of a situation in a relationship may result in one party making certain requests. At first,this request is usually polite,or made with minimal signs of irritation. When this request is ignored,it is often interpreted as either a challenge or a rejection. Either way,the result is confrontation. Be sensitive toContinue reading “Avoiding Disagreements 2”

Eliminate The Negative Burden

One of the ways to manage your emotions is by ensuring you have total control on what you are allowing around you. Once you are able to do this,it becomes easy to have a healthy and working relationships. Negative thinking often fuels the burdens of guilt,worry,and resentment which stems from our negative thinking towards aContinue reading “Eliminate The Negative Burden”

…About Resentment

Resentment is an energy vampire.it is insidious and directly affects relationships. You know you are feeling resentment when you harbour animosity against someone. Perhaps you are holding a grudge,are really angry or feeling upset about a particular event.There is either a deliberate unwillingness to forgive the other person or an inability to let go. ResentfulContinue reading “…About Resentment”