Knowing What Truly Matters

Whether you try hard to fit in or you try too hard to stand out,it is of equal consequence: You exhaust your significance. Criss Jami,Healology Which is more important to you, success or significance in what you do? To me,significance is more important . Success rewards my bank account,but having significant,meaningful work rewards my spirit.Continue reading “Knowing What Truly Matters”

Enjoying The Simple Pleasures Of Life

Why does hapiness seem so elusive? Because many of us are looking for it in the wrong places. Too often,we think the answer lies out there in the pursuit of material possesions. Like, If we buy a bigger home,somehow that will make our pain- filled marriage better or when we get a bonus at work,Continue reading “Enjoying The Simple Pleasures Of Life”

10 Life Changing Questions To Help You live A Fulfilled Life

Your answers to these questions can be a springboard to a new way of life,one filled with clarity,purpose,and unlimited joy. What do you do best  and love doing the most? It is easy to tell the world your key strenghts and what you love doing.The list may be endless but have you paused to considerContinue reading “10 Life Changing Questions To Help You live A Fulfilled Life”

On Maximizing Your Potential-Pitfalls To Avoid

Distraction is one of the principal enemies of maximizing one’s potential. Each of us have had the experience of walking into another room and saying, “Now,why did I come here? We had a purpose when we decided to go into the other room,but something between our decision to go and the moment we arrived sidetrackedContinue reading “On Maximizing Your Potential-Pitfalls To Avoid”